What Makes the Best Travel Bags?

Your weekend or overnight stay can be much more relaxing and fun if you have the right luggage to travel with. Instead of traveling with multiple small bags that you have to keep track of as you go on your journey, consider looking for one great travel bags that can fit all your requirements.

Finding the perfect travel bag for a weekend getaway can be very challenging. You need a bag that will cater to your every demand while on your adventure. A weekender bag must be light, spacious, and organized. A fashionable touch doesn't hurt, either. Having the best travel bag can make your getaway much smoother. If your bag isn't reliable and durable, you may encounter some difficulties during travel, such as lost items and even a damaged bag.

When searching for the best weekender or overnight bags on the market, a simple online search can be overwhelming. There are so many different options out there for all types of travelers. Duffels, backpacks, totes, rolling suitcases, weekenders, and overnight bags are just a few of the different kinds of travel bags that'll come up during your search. To determine which one is right for your upcoming adventures, you'll need to consider many factors, like durability, size, style, and weight.

What is a travel bag?

A travel bag is a duffel, suitcase, or backpack that holds your toiletry bags, clothing, and other items so that you can go on many adventures without having to keep track of all your belongings separately. Everything you need for your travels is conveniently located inside your bag for easy access and convenience.

There are various types of travel bags that serve different purposes, and each one may be necessary depending on what kind of trip you're taking and how much you need to pack. For example, you may need a rolling suitcase if you need clothing for an extended trip, whereas a weekend bag is true to its name and can only hold enough for a weekend outing.

5 Types of travel bags

Each type of travel bag serves a specific purpose, so it's important to know what your needs are for your trip before deciding what kind of bag you want to purchase. Each type of bag is useful in its own way and can serve you well.

Types of travel bags

  1. Weekender Bags

A weekender bag, like The Weekender from Rothy's, is a perfect option if you're going away for a weekend or two to three days. A weekender bag typically has two to three compartments that can separate your clothing from your toiletries and any other items you need for the weekend, such as books or chargers.

Weekender bags are also the perfect size for an airport carry-on. Finding one made with durable materials is important to prevent it from getting damaged in airplane overhead bins. Ideally, a weekender bag should be the only thing you need when traveling for a few days. This is a great option for a short trip because it eliminates the amount of baggage you need to carry. A weekender bag is one of the best travel bags for women and men because of its many compartments and spacious storage.

  1. Backpack

Another option for a travel bag is a backpack. A backpack features two shoulder straps so that you can carry it on your back. Most backpacks hold less than other travel bags, but they're helpful if you're going on an outdoor adventure or traveling with children. You'll often need to travel with another bag if you're only using a backpack. Some travelers will use a backpack as a carry-on bag on an airplane and check in their larger bag. However, taking a trip with a backpack is still possible. You'll just need to learn a few tips for packing light.

  1. Overnight Bags

An overnight bag, like The Overnighter from Rothy's, is also a great travel bag for you if you're taking a short trip. True to its name, an overnight bag is an excellent choice for a travel bag if you're going somewhere for one night. An overnight bag is smaller than a weekender bag, but it still has a few compartments so that you can separate your clothing from toiletries. Overnight bags are designed to be carry-on items on airlines, so they fit in an overhead bin on an airplane. They can even fit underneath the airplane seat in front of you most of the time. Overnight bags often come with a strap so you can convert them into a crossbody bag, so they're hands-free and easy to carry as you travel.

  1. Travel Totes

Another option for a travel bag is a tote bag. Tote bags are very popular and are helpful for traveling light. Tote bags are often meant for day trips since they don't hold enough for an overnight or weekend getaway. Totes are more lightweight and allow you to carry the essentials. They also come in both men's and women's designs, and often have a space for a laptop or tablet. Rothy's carries several great tote bags that can fit all of these needs.

  1. Rolling luggage

Lastly, the rolling suitcase is one of the most popular travel bag options. Although this is often the best choice for longer trips, it's not always suitable for a quick weekend adventure. Rolling suitcases can be big, bulky, and hard to fit into cars, taxis, and airplanes. However, they roll on wheels for easy movement through the airport and fit the most amount of items.

what to look for when shopping for a travel bag

What to look for when shopping for a travel bag

There are many factors to consider when shopping for a travel bag, including:

  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Sustainability
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Type of travel
  • Storage
  • Size
  • Extra features

Shopping for the perfect travel bag doesn't have to be complicated. You must know what you're looking for and what features are the most essential for your specific travel needs. Price, size, and storage options are also important to consider when choosing a travel bag.

Additionally, the materials your bag is made from also matters. In today's day and age, we always want to ensure that the things we use are made with sustainable materials and manufactured in ethical environments.

The materials used for your travel bag should be durable and comfortable. If your bag is going to be tossed around in the overhead bin, you'll want one that can withstand being jostled around a little bit. A bag should also feel good on your shoulders or in your hands when you carry it but be durable enough to withstand travel.

How to Choose the Right Travel Bag for You

Ultimately, the best travel bag for you depends on your specific needs. By knowing the length of your trip and the type of activities you'll be doing, you should be able to decide what travel bag is best for you. There are many great options from Rothy's that are sustainable, spacious, and comfortable. The length of your trip should be the first indicator of which Rothy's bag you should choose for your trip.

Ultimately, the best travel bag for you depends on your specific needs

For a day trip in which you need a lightweight tote to carry books or groceries and some other items, choose The Lightweight Tote. This tote also comes in some stunning and stylish colors. If you need to add a zip top for security, try The Essential Tote. Lasly, try out The Carryall if you want a more masculine design that can carry a laptop. Each Rothy's bag also includes instructions on caring for your travel bag so that it lasts longer.

Other bags we carry that are sustainable and stylish are The Weekender for weekend trips and The Overnighter for your overnight adventures. Once you have determined the length of your travels, it's easy to determine which bag is best for you.

Rothy’s Travel Bags: Perfect for Your Next Getaway

The best travel bags on the market will be sustainable, easy to clean and maintain, durable, comfortable, and carry all you need. Lightweight options that are stylish and durable are a top for traveling.

Rothy's carries an entire line of travel bags that can fit any of your travel needs. Each and every one is made sustainably and ethically and has a polished and stylish look. Many of the bags come in several great colors. There are options for both men and women, and you can get a tote bag that fits your daily requirements or a weekend or overnight bag that'll take you through a short trip. Rothy's has whatever you need at your fingertips and at a reasonable price.

When considering which overnight, weekender, or tote bag you need for your trip, Rothy's is the best choice.