12 Best Travel Shoes

Embarking on a journey, whether a weekend getaway or a globe-trotting adventure, requires careful consideration of every detail–especially the footwear that accompanies you every step of the way. As the foundation of comfortable exploration, your footwear can quickly make or break your travel experience.

The best shoes for travel seamlessly blend style with comfort. They ensure that the savviest travelers are ready for any destination, from bustling city streets to tranquil beaches.

Join us as we explore a curated selection of footwear, highlighting the best travel shoes that prioritize fashion and redefine the standards of comfort. The right shoes can elevate your experience, and we're here to guide you in making the perfect choice.

The Best Travel Shoes for Women

Best All-Around Shoes for Travel

1. The RS02 Sneaker

Introducing The RS02 Sneaker, your best all-around travel companion. These sustainable sneakers redefine comfort, support, and durability in Courtside White, Bone, and Navy colors. The soft, flexible upper ensures a blissful fit from the first step, eliminating any break-in period.

The RS02 Sneaker features a roomy yet lightweight construction suitable for any adventure. The contoured footbed and terry-lined tongue provide a supportive structure, while the comfortable, adjustable laces ensure an optimal fit.

With cream rubber outsoles featuring grooves for added traction and durability, these sneakers are a style icon in travel footwear, perfect for your daily adventures or as gifts for travelers. Embrace the journey in The RS02 Sneaker–effortlessly chic, sustainably crafted, and fully machine washable.

Best Casual Shoes for Travel

2. The Lace Up

Step into unparalleled comfort and timeless street style with The Lace Up. These sneakers are available in various colors, from neutral tones of Bright White, Blonde, and Black to more vibrant hues like Plum Berry, Chartreuse, and more.

The Lace Up offers cloud-like comfort with no break-in period required. The adjustable laces and terry-lined tongue ensure the perfect fit, complemented by a contoured footbed for support and comfort.

Additionally, the durable outsoles, accented by a heel stripe, add a sporty touch to these stylish travel shoes. Embrace comfort and classic street style in The Lace Up for an unmatched casual travel experience.

3. The High Top Sneaker

Another great casual shoe for your travel adventures includes The High Top Sneaker. Inspired by streetwear and crafted for ultimate comfort, this high-top seamlessly blends a classic silhouette with laid-back, trendy vibes. This shoe is available in Black, Bright White, Hudson, and Sand Dune, taking street style to new heights.

The roomy fit of The High Top Sneaker ensures maximum comfort, and the durable outsoles promise reliability on any journey. Embrace modernity and timeless comfort in one of the best women’s travel shoes.

The Best Flats for Travel

Best Flats for Travel

4. The Flat

Meet The Flat, the embodiment of well-rounded sophistication for your travels. This wardrobe staple is endlessly versatile, washable, and remarkably comfortable, making The Flat one of the best shoes for travel.

The Flat’s soft and flexible upper ensures a luxurious feel. Paired with comfortable matching insoles and chic outsoles, these women’s flats are made to last seasons.

With a fully machine washable design, The Flat stays fresh trip after trip. Available in an array of colors and patterns, from classic Black to eye-catching Indigo Zebra, The Flat is a timeless style icon that seamlessly combines comfort and elegance for your travel wardrobe.

5. The Point II

Introducing The Point II, a refined addition to our best flats for travel. This iconic bestseller offers a perfect fit and feel, ensuring all-day comfort. The Point II offers a premium knit upper with a smooth, refined shape.

The new In Love Insole™ offers heel-to-toe cushioning for extended wearability. A more spacious toe box eliminates scrunching and bunching while added elastic gently expands and contracts for continuous comfort.

Sculpted outsoles provide extra stability, making these flats perfect for your journey. Explore a spectrum of colors and patterns, from solid Emerald, Boysenberry, or Lollipop Red to Sunny Tweed, Midnight Metallic, and more.

Best Boots for Travel

6. The Lug Boot

Find versatile and comfortable travel footwear with The Lug Boot. Available in Onyx Black and Graphite Brown, The Lug Boot redefines classic utility style with a touch of luxury. Knitted with RWS-certified merino wool and Rothy’s signature thread made from recycled plastic bottles, The Lug Boot offers water resistance, warmth, and elevated style in one.

The structured upper of The Lug Boot pairs with cushy insoles for unparalleled comfort and support. A lightweight rubber lug sole with durable traction and a chunky 1.5-inch heel ensures both stability and added height. The pull tab and stretch gore panels make slipping into these stylish travel shoes a breeze, eliminating the need to break in boots.

7. The Tall Lug Boot

Another great boot to add to your travel wardrobe is The Tall Lug Boot–where luxury meets practicality in a knee-high silhouette. The Tall Lug Boot is available in Onyx Black and Truffle Brown and features a water-resistant treatment.

The structured upper offers immediate wearability, while the cushy insoles provide added comfort and support. Additionally, the lightweight rubber lug sole offers durable traction and stability.

The knee-high silhouette adds an elegant touch and creates a flattering look for a night out or adventure around town. Overall, The Tall Lug Boot combines sophistication and durability for a travel boot that stands tall in style and comfort.

Best Slip-on Sneakers for Travel

8. The Original Slip On

For comfort and ease, consider The Original Slip On as one of the best shoes for travel. The Original Slip On is a mix of cool and casual street style and is available in various colors, including Black, Navy, Latte, Python, and more.

The Original Slip On also features comfortable insoles, durable outsoles, and a heel strip for a sporty touch. Whether you’re hustling to your next destination or relaxing at your hotel, you can travel quickly and with ease with these versatile and stylish shoes.

Best Shoes for Long Flights

9. The Driver

The Driver is a sustainable solution for long flights and chic airport style. This women’s slip-on loafer offers a fresh spin on the iconic driver, seamlessly blending versatile style with unmatched comfort.

The Driver is crafted with a soft, flexible upper and dual-density insoles to ensure an exceptionally comfortable feel. The outsoles of this sustainable shoe feature raised nubs for extra grip and durability.

The Driver is also machine washable and available in various colors and patterns, including Cypress, Spruce Camo, Dark Zebra, Tropical Peach, and more. Upgrade your plane aesthetic with this durable and comfortable shoe, perfect for those long flights.

10. The Lounge Loafer

The next best shoe for long flights is The Lounge Loafer, where classic comfort meets modern sophistication. A fusion of ballet flats and loafers, these travel shoes add luxury to your adventure wardrobe.

The Lounge Loafer is a versatile choice for long flights, allowing you to travel comfortably and in style with a refined Venetian vamp and rounded toe box. The In Love Insole™ provides heel-to-toe cushioning during extended journeys. Available in chic colors like Black Espresso, Bombshell Red, Vanilla, and Metallic Cat, The Lounge Loafer redefines timeless feminine style for every type of travel experience.

The Best Warm Weather Shoes for Travel

Best Warm Weather Shoes for Travel

11. The Weekend Slides

Get ready for the perfect beach day or outside adventure with The Weekend Slides. As your go-to sandal, The Weekend Slides are ultra-comfortable and effortlessly sleek, transitioning seamlessly from beach to bistro.

Available in Oat and Black, The Weekend Slides feature a flexible upper knit with natural, breathable hemp and two wide crossing straps, ensuring comfort and style. The soft, contoured rubber footbed and durable tortoise shell outsoles provide added traction, making these slides the perfect vacation companion.

12. The Almond Demi

Step into chic comfort with The Almond Demi, another great option for warm destinations. With a roomy almond-toe shape and an extra-cushy insole, this shoe is one of our best travel shoes for women.

Polished in the front and casual in the back, The Almond Demi features an open back for easy-on, easy-off style, ideal for the beach or outdoor excursion. The cushy insoles provide arch support, while the durable tortoise shell outsoles ensure a perfect blend of style and comfort for your travel adventures.

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Travel in Style and Comfort with the Right Shoes

Every step counts towards creating memorable experiences. With Rothy’s vast collection of the best women’s travel shoes, you're guaranteed to find the best fit for your individual style and adventure preference.

Rothy’s also understands the importance of making a positive impact by aligning travel choices with sustainable practices. By crafting comfortable women's shoes from recycled plastic bottles, Rothy’s ensures that you step out in style and contribute to a more sustainable world.

From sneakers to boots, flats, and sandals, Rothy’s has you covered for your next adventure. Allow your feet to effortlessly explore the world, knowing you’ve chosen the best shoes for travel, comfort, and the planet.