We Do Better.

Everything we do at Rothy’s is steeped in our values and in the idea of Do Better. This is our call to hold ourselves and each other accountable, to always raise the bar and to strive towards a better outcome.

We deliver quality.

We take pride in quality and craftsmanship. From products to experience, physical and digital, we are obsessed with the details that elevate Rothy's.

We tackle complexity.

We strive at all points along our journey to bravely face complexity and relentlessly simplify.

We tread thoughtfully.

We take thoughtful approach to design, manufacturing, well-being and personal interactions; putting what is best for people and the planet first. We believe in making the right decisions - not the easy ones - always.

We share the mic.

We believe that a variety of voices make for richer and more equitable experience. We actively seek out alternate voices and make sure that everyone is heard.

We spread joy.

Our superpower is to make life a little more enjoyable. We know that kindness goes a long way. We're always looking for ways to bring joy to one another and our community.


The good stuff.

Generous paid time off. 401k matching. Comprehensive health plans for you and your family. Supplemental mental health benefits. Monthly wellness reimbursement. Employee Discount Program!