Styling for a baby shower.

A baby on the way is more than enough reason to celebrate! There’s just something about the magic of life that puts everyone in good spirits and hopeful cheer. Baby showers are among the most exciting celebrations that honor the mom-to-be and incoming bundle of joy. From the adorable, tiny baby gifts to the delectable desserts overflowing the party tables, what’s not to love about a good baby shower?

Just like any other shindig, dress code is a key pre-party element. Whether you’re family, a friend, or the mama-to-be herself, figuring out what to wear to a baby shower takes a bit of conscious curation. Spring or winter, brunch or dinner, future mom or guest, we’re here to help you pick the perfectly polished ensemble for your upcoming baby shower.

What to Wear to a Baby Shower: The Staples

Unless the event coordinator or mom-to-be has laid out a specific dress code or theme, piecing together an appropriate baby shower outfit can feel like a challenge. Even with a wardrobe stocked to the brim with colorful clothing options, it’s totally normal to draw a blank as the big day approaches. Fortunately, when you’ve got so many options, selecting a complete outfit is a mere matter of assembly. These stylish staples are baby shower fashion must-haves.

The sundress: Breezy, lightweight sundresses are warm weather staples that serve up polished, yet playful looks. Dress them up with a pair of elegant shoes or keep it casual by choosing a more neutral slip-on sneaker.

The jean jacket: As one of the most universal pieces of outwear, the jean jacket is an instant win for any baby shower. No matter what shade of blue, black, or white you love most, a jean jacket pairs well with a dress, jumpsuit, or top and bottom duo.

The maxi dress: Characterized by their sweeping length, maxi dresses are the flowy, floor-grazing fashion favorite that flatter women of all shapes and sizes.

The jumpsuit: This one-piece showstopper takes the hassle out of picking out a top and bottom and performs well in windy settings. Designed to accentuate the waist and elongate the legs, jumpsuits are a refined baby shower outfit choice.

The A-Line skirt: Cinched at the waist and flared out toward the hem, the A-Line skirt adds a feminine touch to any ensemble. Paired with a blouse or bodysuit, this skirt looks sweet no matter how you dress it.

What to Wear to a Baby Shower: The Seasons

Though it may feel like baby showers only happen when the sun is shining and the forecast is flawless, the reality is that they don’t always follow a strict seasonal schedule. Showers are typically scheduled four to six weeks ahead of the baby’s official due date—which means winter, spring, summer and fall are all fair game. Use this guide to nail the dress code per the season’s greetings.


Winter color palette: Mahogany, light grey, navy blue, forest green, burgundy.

For the mom-to-be: A white long-sleeve midi wrap dress paired with a knee-length burgundy peacoat looks wintry-chic, layers and all. Complete this outfit with a pair of colorful pumps and a matching pair of earrings for a chic cold-weather look.

For the guest: A forest green jumpsuit with wide-leg trousers and a cowl neckline paired with a black faux leather moto jacket makes for a mod ensemble. Top it off with a pair of comfortable black wedges and you’re all set.


Spring color palette: Jade green, periwinkle, pastel pink, peach, pale yellow.

For the mom-to-be: A white crochet maxi dress with a beautifully detailed bodice draws the eye to your beautiful baby bump.

For the guest: A periwinkle structured top with a square neckline paired with a matching A-line skirt is an easy two-piece deal. Finished with tassel earrings and a pair of pale yellow mules, this cute combo is fun and fresh.


Summer color palette: Cherry red, mustard yellow, fuschia, lavender, bright blue.

For the mom-to-be: A white dress paired with a pair of baby blue slip-on sneakers promises unmistakable elegance and all-day-wear comfort. Stay cool in the heat with a wide brim straw hat and a few dainty bracelets and rings to tie it all together.

For the guest: A patterned wrap skirt paired with a neutral-toned top keeps that beachy vibe you love during the summertime. Accessorize with bold colors like fuschia and cherry red to turn an understated ensemble into an eye-catching outfit.


Fall Color Palette: Maroon, toffee brown, cream, chartreuse, deep auburn.

For the mom-to-be: A sweater dress is the epitome of fall coziness. A cream-colored turtleneck sweater dress worn with a pair of comfy boots is a youthful baby shower outfit for the fall.

For the guest: A chartreuse top paired with high waisted pixie pants and brown pointed toe flats is a classy curation of fall colors. Add the finishing touches with a pair of cream colored earrings and a matching cream tote bag.

What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Brunch

Nothing meshes together quite as perfectly as baby showers and breakfast foods. In preparation for a baby shower brunch, nailing the perfect outfit is simple. Bring out the florals, pinstripes and polka dots to liven up your special occasion ensemble. These staple patterns and prints maintain the lighthearted spirit of the event— leaving you looking as good as you feel.

For the mom-to-be: A beige or white linen dress with a feminine v-neck is a beautifully breezy choice for your brunch festivities. Dress it up with a pair of comfortable espadrilles or dress it down with a pair of oxfords.

For the guest: A floral dress paired with a simple pair of strappy heels is a gorgeous duo for an outdoor or indoor setting. A light brown rattan bag and a pair of statement sunglasses are the perfect finishing touches to this baby shower outfit.

What to Wear to a Baby Shower: Dinner

A formal baby shower dinner could mean a night at the local steakhouse, an intimate feast at the mom-to-be’s home, or anywhere in between. The bottom line is that dinners typically call for slightly dressier apparel. Trade in the sundress for a refined sheath dress and leave the flip flop sandals at home. A dinner event is the perfect occasion to bust out your runway-ready looks.

For the mom-to-be: A cream-colored maxi dress with a halter neckline looks effortlessly sophisticated. For footwear, a classic pair of round-toe flats ensures lasting comfort. Accessorize with a pair of chandelier earrings for a bit of sparkle.

For the guest: A forest green midi dress with a trumpet hem looks stunning with a pair of neutral-toned pumps. Decorate the neckline with a dainty gemstone necklace and carry along your personal belongings in a beaded envelope clutch.

What to Wear to a Themed Baby Shower

Themed baby showers are among the most exciting events to prepare for. Baby shower theme ideas are as creative as the moms-to-be who plan them, so if you’ve RSVP-ed to an themed party, it’s your duty to follow the theme as closely as possible. Using two common baby shower themes, we've come up with a foolproof list of how you can curate a perfectly themed baby shower outfit!

The Countryside Baby Shower

The key pieces:

  • Sunglasses: Great for protecting your eyes and elevating any ensemble, sunglasses are absolute must-haves for any outdoor baby shower.
  • Wide brim hat: As another form of sun protection, wide brim hats are the perfectly rustic finishing touch for the countryside baby shower outfit.
  • Crochets: As a pattern and material, there’s just something about crochets that feels soft and natural. Incorporating a crochet skirt or a pair of crochet earrings is a surefire recipe for style success.
The All-White Baby Shower

The key pieces:

  • Lace: White lace is a must-have material for an all-white baby shower. No matter what garment you’re after, you’ll likely be able to find a white lace jumpsuit, skirt, maxi dress, or pantsuit without much effort.
  • Simple jewelry: Typically when the dress code calls for a one-color scheme, it’s almost instinctual to want to add another color into the mix. Keep your accessories dialed down by choosing diamond, rhinestone, pearl, or similarly understated jewels.
  • Washable shoes: Wearing white shoes is a cute decision, but it usually means you’ll have to keep a careful watch on where you step. A pair of machine washable whites will allow you to focus on the celebration rather than the cleanliness of your precious soles.