How to Style Men’s Driving Loafers

Many men might not be aware of driving loafers or how to wear them in a manner that fits their style. The comfort and style of Men’s Driving loafers make them a great addition to your wardrobe and worthy of being in the front of your closet shoe line. For men, driving shoes convey an aesthetic that is laid back but dapper and timeless, making them ideal for lunch at the club, drinks with friends or that spontaneous road trip.

Driving loafers cover your feet in simple, elegant comfort and can be a great match with jeans coupled with the sockless look. Even slim-cut chinos or cotton shorts can be a great outfit choice. The new flexibility in styles and colors of shoes paired with more casual suits can make you stand out with some serious coolness.

If you're unaware of driving shoes or how to style them for a traditional look, never fear. We will get you in a pair with some excellent style and classic cool.

What are driving loafers?

As the name suggests, driving loafers are designed for driving with comfort and extra grip on the peddle with rubber pad soles. A moccasin-style construction, they provide absolute comfort in and out of the car.

These shoes were initially invented over 70 years ago for men wanting a better grip on the pedal while driving their Italian roadsters. They've been adopted by stylish men, wall street bankers and executives, and plenty of men not driving a Lamborghini Spyder. They are worn to lunches and even transition to a night out on the town.

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How to Wear Driving Shoes

Go bold. These shoes are meant to be seen, and some brighter color in shoes is trendy–Rothy’s prides itself on their seasonal color selections, including richly-hued blue shoes and classic camo print loafers. Stylish men limit their accessories so the few they wear stand out and convey that elegance and shoes are more important than ever in what they say about you. Now, this isn't to say bright yellow is the place to start, but a rich red or green can look amazing.

How are driving loafers supposed to fit?

Driving shoes should fit snugly and be narrow. As their original purpose is driving, the snug fit ensures optimal control and pedal feel in the car, which provides more exacting control. They are considered similar to racing shoes but with a higher comfort level. The feel should be almost like you're wearing slippers, and the feel of the peddle should be heightened. Imagine a track day in your new driving shoes and make it happen.

As a slip-on shoe, that narrowness keeps them from falling off the foot when walking. Trying to hold a pair of shoes on with your toes isn't fun or comfortable, and the heel clapping and dragging on the ground defeats the purpose of the style. If they are too loose in the heel, that pair isn't for you. Start a little snug and let the shoes mold to your feet.

Consider the flexibility of the shoe material and insoles, as each impacts the shoe's comfort. Some men might prefer the traditionally flatter shoe, whereas others require more arch support. Regardless of the use, the shoes should be consistent in their comfort.

Do you wear socks with drivers?

you dont need to wear socks with driving loafers

Just as you wouldn't dream of wearing a pair of boat shoes with socks, driving moccasins are often worn the same way, even with that casual suit. The sockless look gives a relaxed vibe like a man that sets his own rules and doesn't deal with whatever is the old standard.

Where the shoes fit snugly, they can be worn truly sockless or with a pair of thin sockless look socks. Either way, that sockless look is the essence of casual cool.

Driving Loafer Outfits for Every Occasion

The elegance and distinctive look of your new driving loafers also open them to various uses and looks. They complement many different outfits and event types perfectly. Add in that driving shoes are very flexible and easy to pack for travel; you have a shoe that can go anywhere.

When considering how to style driving loafers, here are some different situations and outfits for which a pair of driving shoes can be the perfect accessory.

Casual Driving Loafer Outfit

An excellent driving loafers outfit, casual wear can reflect the versatility and upgraded look of driving loafers. Keeping with the trend toward more upscale and unique shoes worn sockless with jeans, a Rothy's two-tone brown loafer or Forest Camo driving shoes can set you apart. Their unique coloring and look fit every casual outfit.

These same style loafers work very well with chinos worn with a polo or button-up short-sleeved shirt. The recent return of banded collars also provides an excellent match. Driving shoes worn with cotton shorts stand out from the crowd while providing casual comfort.

Vacation Loafer Outfit

Driving shoes are made for a road trip or even just the need for comfort on the plane. Both situations typically mean a casual or smart casual approach to your attire. Whether chinos, shorts, or jeans, a pair of Rothy's Merino Tassel Driving Loafers can be the perfect accessories in the airport or behind the wheel.

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Business Casual Loafer Outfit

A casual suit with slim-fit pants can look amazing going sockless in a Graphite Gray Driving Loafer from Rothy's. The tapper of the pants highlights the casual look and the shoes and reflects that style is individualized. A two-button, slim-fit jacket with a patterned shirt, slim-fit trousers, and your graphite gray loafers can be what sets you apart on a date night, a night on the town, or dinner with friends.

Spring/Summer Driving Loafer Styling

Spring and summer are the seasons for your sockless look for all outfit types, but the comfort of your driving shoes makes them ideal for most all activities. Whether spending time in the park, strolling downtown, on an art walk, or just a stroll with a significant other, comfort is on tap with your loafers.

Your shoes fit activities ranging from that BBQ with friends to pickleball at the clubhouse. While driving shoes are versatile in their pairings with attire, they are equally flexible in the activities you undertake.

Eco-Friendly Men’s Loafers

Protecting the planet and generations to come is essential to looking great. The modern gentleman considers his environmental impact in his fashion purchases, which has catapulted the growth of sustainable, fashion-forward brands. The ultimate fashion statement for men is responsibility.

Rothy's is committed to sustainability and has transformed millions of single-use plastic bottles into our signature thread. The result is 125 million plastic bottles that have been transformed into Rothy's signature thread and knit into shoes.

The company's initiatives include reduced waste, recycling, and making products that last. Buying a great pair of Rothy's driving shoes isn't just a fashion statement; it's a purchase you can feel good about.

Rothy's is committed to the highest quality, fashion-forward accessories, and sustainability in all we do. A pair of driving loafers will have you ready for whatever this spring and summer bring your way. Check out the wide variety of men’s shoes that are perfect for any occasion!