Men’s Work Clothes: Back to the Office Style Guide

Now that we’re heading back to the office, we have to elevate our men's office attire. Yes, we are used to wearing our favorite sweatpants, slippers, and t-shirts in the privacy of our home offices, but now it’s time to redefine your office style and regain your professional appearance. Rothy's is here to help with our Men's Work Clothes: Back To the Office Style Guide.

Comfortable Men’s Work Clothes

Men’s work clothes, just like women's apparel, should be cool and comfortable, while stylish and professional. We all want to look our best while feeling comfortable. Comfort and productivity go hand and hand.

Pay attention to your office culture and what others, especially those in upper management positions, are wearing. This could be extremely different from how it was before the pandemic transitioned us from working every day at the office to working every day at home. The last few years have changed the overall view of men’s workwear. Now, there is a more casual approach to what is accepted at the office. Today, you can dress casually, and stuffy suit-free, while looking on point for any professional setting. It just takes planning and preparation and attention to detail.

If you are interested in promotions, bonuses, and moving forward in your career, what you wear can and will have a positive impact on how you are viewed by others. Launch out of the mindset, “you don’t hire me for what I wear, but what I know,” attitude and elevate your everyday office attire.

back to office style tip for men

Men’s Work Shoes & Bags

Rothy’s office favorites and accessories keep a very close eye on the latest men’s career fashions and have taken the fashion mystery out of the what to wear questions. We have everything you need to make you look the part... stylish, professional, and totally put together. Keep this in mind, in addition to your work outfit, shoes and accessories can and will elevate your image.

Designers say that shoes and accessories make the man. We agree. Rothy’s menswear collections are designed to fit impeccably and designed with the utmost quality materials and craftsmanship in mind. From classic shoes to carry-everywhere work bags and shoes, we create essentials for wherever you need to go…including back to work.

A stylish shoe, like our elevated takes on classic men’s sneakers, is a customer favorite that is stylish and comfortable from the instant you put them on. They are sure to elevate any outfit creating your new go-to for work or play. Another footwear winner for the office is the Rothy’s mens Driving Loafer for comfort everywhere your day will take you. We suggest wearing your favorite color with a pair of fashionable socks for the office, but you can go sock optional for weekend adventures. The best bang for your buck with the Driving Loafer is that they are totally machine washable. Simply remove the insoles, toss in the washing machine’s delicate cycle and let air dry.

Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

As we mentioned above, men's work clothes should reflect the way you want co-workers and management to see and respond to you. If the culture is OK with business casual for men, and those in management positions are dressing more casually, elevate your ordinary style.

Remember, your colleagues and coworkers haven’t seen you, other than video conferencing for a while. It’s almost like you meeting them for the first time. You know what they say about first impressions. You only have one time to make a good one! Dress for success and relay to the world you are confident, dependable, trustworthy, and will get the job done!

Back to Work Styles For Men

Casual and comfortable men's work attire not only looks great but feels great too. The key is to elevate your personal style with attention to detail.

back to office style tip for men

Select your outfit the night or even a week ahead. This is a time saver. Take a look in the mirror. If someone else in the office was dressed like you, what would you think about them? If the answer is, “not too good,” head back to the closet and change your outfit! Look at yourself again and go for the win, win! It could be as simple as ironing your shirt, changing your shoes, or styling your hair! Let’s take a look at the appropriate looks that are trending.

Athleisure Styles For The Office. Yes, If Done Properly

The athleisure fashion trend has taken off throughout the years with designers giving a nod to more elevated and quality designs. What was once reserved and only appropriate for the gym and working out, is now an a-ok style for any time, anywhere, including the office.

You can knock this look out of the park if you plan and prepare and wear athleisure brands the right way. We’re not talking about your go-to sweatpants, hoodies, and flip-flops. Athleisure styling is all about quality fabrics and designs and how you put the look together.

Your goal is to create a polished and professional outfit. Look for fabrics that are higher quality and woven, instead of less expensive knits. For example, wear a pair of solid dark-colored track pants with a long sleeve white pullover, a navy windbreaker, and a pair of business casual lace up shoes. This creates a classic, yet totally sharp, work-approved athleisure outfit.

The key to athleisure styling is paying attention to the fit and the color selection. Don’t go too baggy or too tight. This is too messy and unkempt looking. Make sure the clothes fit you just right. You may have to have them altered if the hem is too long, for example.

Work attire, especially pants and jackets, requires classic colors. Shy away from bright colors, patterns, and graphic designs. Select dark classics like black, brown, charcoal, hunter green, and navy. Joggers in one of these colors, worn with a crisp white or blue long sleeve polo shirt are workplace-acceptable. Either tuck the shirt in or wear it out over the waistband if the shirt isn't too long.

Add Color With On-Trend Accessories

Tone on tone or a monochromatic color scheme is a subtle way to look on-trend and put together for men's office attire.

back to office style tip for men

For example, the Rothy’s RS01 Sneaker will get the job done. A stripe of red is a power color and a way to add flair to their business casual flair. Or if sneakers are not your thing, Rothy's has the most comfortable and classic mens loafers designed to coordinate with any outfit. Driving loafers are available in classic and seasonal shades, so you just might want to get a pair in every color available.

Look Formal and Feel Comfortable: Denim Gets The Job Done

Good news for all the denim fans! The right denim is office-approved attire when worn the right way. This business casual for men staple is suitable for its durability, versatility, and on-trend appeal. Denim worn appropriately is spot-on business casual for men.

There are a few tricks to getting it right. First make sure the denim jeans you wear are dark wash, black or another darker color. Denim fabrics have come a long way in the past few years, and are now available in hunter green, chocolate brown and even dark burgundy. Steer clear from lighter washed denim jeans, graphic designs, tears or jeans that show signs of wear and tear.

Not only are Rothy's products great for men's work clothes for the office, but they are also designed for you to look great and feel great everywhere life takes you. And when you want new Rothy's products to replace those that have seen better days, recycle them using our convenient and seamless online program.

Plus, if you are cleaning your closet to make room for new male work outfits, please donate your clothing to a local nonprofit. Recycle, reuse and renew. It's important to reduce our footprint and create a world for our future generations.