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World Oceans Day.

The global plastic problem dramatically affects each of the world's five oceans. In fact, an estimated 8 to 12 million metric tons of plastics enter the ocean each year—that’s roughly the weight of 70,000 blue whales. This is one of the many reasons we’re on a mission to divert single-use plastic bottles from ending up where they shouldn't be, like oceans and landfills. To date, we've transformed over 30 million bottles into beautiful, comfortable shoes. But we're not stopping there!

In honor of World Oceans Day, we're thrilled to partner with the phenomenal all-female organization, eXXpedition, which focuses on improving ocean health by raising awareness around the plastic problem through studying the effects of plastic in our oceans on women's health. In the Fall of 2019, a crew of 300 women will embark on a 2-year voyage covering 38,000 nautical miles collecting environmental samples to assess plastic and pollutants impact on the ecosystem and human health. Rothy's is proud to be the official sponsor for the first leg of the voyage—which will sail from the United Kingdom to Portugal.

The women of eXXpedition, pictured on their boat in the ocean.

We know clean and healthy oceans are essential for a sustainable environment. As a matter of fact, 94 percent of life on earth is aquatic. Which means land dwellers, like us, need to make some serious changes. Not only do the majority of living creatures and plants exist in these waters, but oceans also span the majority of our geographic globe. Did you know the Pacific Ocean is wider than the moon? The Pacific Ocean alone is 12,300 miles, or five times the moon’s diameter! The sheer size of this stretch of salt water—and the amount of life below it—signify the urgency of ocean health. The problems facing the big blue are too large to ignore.

Member of eXXpedition, pushing a bundle of ropes out of the water.

On this World Oceans Day (and the other 364), we are committed to protecting this incredible resource for now and the future. A great way to start is by reducing the consumption of single-use plastic. On average, Americans toss 185 pounds of plastic per person each year. If that number feels high, actions like not taking a plastic lid when you grab your morning coffee and always carrying a reusable water bottle go a long way. Changing our habits can be challenging, but when it comes to saving the ocean—and the planet—we’ll do whatever it takes.   

Check out eXXpedition to learn more about their amazing voyages.

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