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Imagine what a shoe can do.

Our new campaign is inspired by you, the community who started the Rothy’s ripple effect. 

After all, you’ve shown us our shoes are more than just something you simply wear on your feet. They elicit a certain feeling. The can-do confidence of knowing you can take on anything in your day. It’s that special moment when you slide your foot into Rothy’s for the first time and think—ah, that’s more like it.

We’re excited to share how we captured that feeling in our brand new TV spot, and are here to give you a behind-the-scenes look before the full debut. You can catch it live during the E! Live From the Red Carpet special on Sunday, May 15 and on screens near you over the coming months.


Movement, comfort and joy—that’s what it’s all about. Here’s your inside look at how we brought our campaign to life by the numbers:

  • The custom-built stage was created with 10 mirrors on a hill in the desert outside of Los Angeles. To capture the footage from slow motion to high definition, we had two cameras and three rigs to catch every angle.
  • We had about 105 members on set across both days to do everything from styling, to choreography to camera work.
  • The crew included one snake wrangler after a rattlesnake was found during the location scout.
  • The cast consisted of 13 professional dancers with backgrounds ranging from ballet to hip hop. 
  • In total, the dancers connected, made friends and created some serious magic in our shoes over the course of two 12-hour days.

    Want to see more and shop the styles featured in the campaign? Right this way.

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