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Stepping up with BCRF

At Rothy’s, we’re proud to stand for women. This October, we amped up our support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month through our shop to gift program, where we gifted limited edition pink shoes to women impacted by breast cancer. Additionally, this year we are thrilled to be an official partner of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

We’re all about women supporting other women. Which is why joining forces with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the perfect fit. We are beyond proud to donate $50,000 to help fund and further BCRF’s incredible mission: ending breast cancer.

October is an important month for us and our (official) partner in pink. Did you know 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? But thanks to BCRF, survival numbers are on the rise and research is the reason. Our donation will help fund important, breakthrough research of 275 scientists across 14 countries as they focus on prevention, treatment, genetics, biology and survivorship.   

When you fund research, you save lives. Simple as that. And BCRF has 25 years of lifesaving research behind them.

And now a shout-out to you. Our Rothy’s fam. You all really stepped up and helped us gift our limited edition, powerfully pink shoes to strong women impacted by cancer. Round of applause for a good cause.

PS: if you’re planning to shop to gift, you can find a full list of terms and conditions here. Available while supplies last.

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