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Meet the ultimate organizer.

Our newest addition to our family of beautiful, sustainable bags is here. The Portfolio, crafted with ocean-bound marine plastic, is a work-ready style that comes in four colors and comfortably fits a 14” laptop, documents and other necessities. This accessory is for all the coworking couples, homeschooling parents and WFH warriors. The Portfolio is here to keep you (and your workspace) sane.

We asked Lino, from our Product Development Team, a bunch of questions about this style. And just so you know: Yes, it’s washable and, yep, it fits into The Essential Tote! Now that we covered that, let’s get started. 

On the left, a table with design materials and a stacked assortment of The Portfolio. On the right, a man sitting on a bench holding The Portfolio in Ruby Red, in front of a white brick background.

Can you tell us about your role at Rothy’s? 

“I work on the Product Development Team, where I manage fittings and testing for our shoes while they are still in the early creation stages.” 

How do you use The Portfolio?  

“I use it every day! I’ve used something similar for the last 10 years and I am loving the upgrade to The Portfolio. Not only does it protect my computer, but the extra pockets are perfect for my phone and keys.”

Can you tell us more about The Portfolio?

“We created The Portfolio with organization as the main goal. This style is designed to support our customers in their day-to-day lives. It’s the perfect organizer for all their tech items and work essentials.” 

A man standing over his notebook at a white table, with an assortment of shoes and materials in front of him.

Who are you planning to gift The Portfolio to this holiday season?

“My sister is definitely the first on my gift list. She is a busy mom who carries her computer in her backpack without any protection, and I have a feeling she will love The Portfolio. Hopefully, she doesn’t read this blog!”

And now for the lightning round...

Color or neutral? 


Coffee or tea? 

Tea for me.  

Cold weather or hot weather? 

HOT—bring on the beach.

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