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Meet The Sandal Collection.

We’re stepping into summer with two warm-weather approved styles—The Knot and The Triple Band. These beautiful sandals are the perfect comfy companions to leisurely backyard lounging or at-home hangouts.

From the special details to the sustainable materials, every style we create goes through countless meticulous steps before they reach your feet. Our Senior Director of Production and R&D, Lauren, is taking us behind the scenes. It’s time to get whisked away to sunny days. Let’s dive right in.

1. Tell us a bit about the journey to this collection of sandals.
“We know that a big portion of the country switches their closet over to summer for several months of the year—though summers in our HQ hometown of San Francisco are not quite as sunny—so our product team has been focused on the look, fit and function of this fresh category.

There is a lot of problem solving that happens throughout the production process. Last year, we learned a lot when our attempt to launch the first Rothy’s sandal did not go quite the way we planned. Now that we’ve lived—and learned—through that experience, our product teams both here in San Francisco and at our workshop in Dongguan, China are stronger and more able to innovate than ever.”

2. What are some of the new materials used to make the styles in this collection?
“When we kick off a project, we source new materials by reimagining components that exist in traditional footwear—like leather—and set out to find the sustainable version of those materials.

The footbed is made up of a plant-based material derived from soybeans! The footbeds are shaped and pressed in a mold, which helps eliminate the majority of cutting waste that normally ends up on a factory floor—and eventually in a landfill.

The upper of both The Knot and The Triple Band is, of course, Rothy’s signature thread made from repurposed plastic water bottles, and the outsole is the same vegan leather which was used first in The Merino Collection last year, and more recently on The Mary Jane that launched a couple of months ago.”

3. How did we land on The Knot and The Triple Band styles? What makes each of them distinct?
“We wanted to make sure we were offering variety with the launch of sandals. Especially because we know there are many different wearing occasions and style preferences that our customer shops for in spring and summer.

The variety of color provides a distinct range across the assortment. We love the pops of bright hues and fun stripe details, and of course we also have the classics like black and cream.

To be completely honest, the office fell in love with both The Knot and The Triple Band silhouettes and we couldn’t imagine launching one without the other.”

4. What are some of your favorite design elements in this collection?
“I personally love the variation that exists in the upper details—the upper is the top part of the shoe that’s made from thread spun from repurposed plastic water bottles. We are able to iterate on the knit structure by adding texture and color which makes the sandal more interesting in a subtly chic way.”

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