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Meet The Merino Collection.

We’re thrilled to introduce our most premium offering yet, The Merino Collection. These fresh styles feature our newest sustainable material, merino wool, blended with our signature thread spun from repurposed plastic water bottles. This unique combination results in sophisticated, structured shoes that are still super soft—and extra luxurious. 

We’ve been sustainable since day one, and our commitment to the planet is paramount. In a perfect world, there would be no plastic pollution. And in our search for new materials, we turned to merino wool since it’s a naturally renewable resource. It’s also plush, cozy and washable. What can we say, merino wool is the perfect fit.

“Merino wool is Mother Nature’s perfect material. Beautiful, comfortable, washable, sustainable,” says Erin Lowenberg, Rothy’s Creative Director.

First and foremost, wool is an eco-friendly, natural material. And our incredible textile partner, Tollegno 1900, is internationally revered for their superb craftsmanship and steadfast commitment to sustainability. Perched in the Italian Alps, much of the facility is powered by on-site solar panels and hydroelectric turbines. Plus, water used in the production process is drawn from the Alps, purified then returned back to the mountains. In addition to their best in class manufacturing practices, Tollegno 1900 is RWS certified (Responsible Wool Standard), and on demand they buy wool from farms that are RWS certified.

The merino wool from Tollegno 1900 is sourced from an Australian farm famous for the highest levels of animal welfare. These happy sheep live quite the life roaming freely through the undeveloped bushland grazing on natural grass. Once a year, a professional team of shearing experts carefully harvest the wool with a focus on the sheep and keeping them content. The sheep then get some time to rest and relax ahead of the next harvest. We’re proud to create shoes with wool obtained from a farm with such high ethical and environmental standards.

And for the finishing touch, our merino wool shoes feature a special new outsole. Much like the carbon-free rubber outsoles featured in our core collection, these outsoles are eco-friendly, too. Our merino wool shoes are finished with beautiful vegan leather outsoles. This distinctive design element adds the perfect touch of sophistication to our new merino styles. 

Studio image of the tan vegan leather outsole on a grey background.

Welcome to a whole new world of sustainable shoes. They’re stylish, comfortable and washable. They’re Rothy’s, kicked up just a notch. 

Studio image of Rothy's merino shoes arranged in a circle on a white background.

Shop The Merino Collection here.

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