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International Women’s Day.

We’re passionate about empowering women at Rothy’s. From the strong gals who wear our shoes to our female-led executive team in the Rothy’s HQ, we’re in awe of all the ladies who work hard every day to make the world a better place.

Recently, we tapped the creativity of two emerging young women directors, Kerry Furrh and Olivia Mitchell, to bring our brand to life in a television commercial for the very first time. We were impressed with their immense talent and their fresh perspectives on filming. Plus, they’re just really fun to be around.

We caught up with Kerry and Olivia about how they align their personal values with their artistic work. “All of our production heads on the Rothy’s project were female, which was exciting,” Kerry and Olivia told us. “We prioritize searching for diverse cast and crew options.”

When it comes to the work they create, Kerry and Olivia take a bold, empowered approach to their filming. “We want to incorporate women doing more than just posing and looking pretty.  We show diverse women with occupations, hobbies, goals, friends—lives.” For their work with Rothy’s, they brought color, movement, strength and whimsy to the screen.

“Our favorite scene features a woman jamming on electric guitar in slo-mo under a spotlight while wearing a pink power suit. This scene embodies our directing style perfectly. It’s empowering to show women using tools they’ve mastered.”

We’re thrilled Kerry and Olivia brought such incredible girl power to Rothy’s first television spots (keep your eyes peeled for them soon!). This International Women’s Day, we’re giving a heartfelt thanks to all the ladies out there. We’re inspired by you. And we’re with you every step of the way.

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