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Behind the design: Nov 2019.

A tale of two threads.

As the holidays approach, it’s important to find the perfect pair of shoes for each event, moment or person on your list. And our latest collection truly checks all the boxes. These versatile metallic styles will take you from gift shopping to dance parties in comfort and style. Plus, we love the pattern so much we made it in nearly every silhouette—including kids!  

We sat down with the creative mind behind the design of our latest metallic collection, Mikaela Rascano, to talk about how she brought her twinkling idea to life.

 What was the inspiration behind the collection? 

“The collection was inspired by the Art Deco movement and how the artists and designers used metallics. After researching 1920s vanities, floor tiles and wallpapers, we adapted popular motifs of the time into this water-inspired pattern.” 

Tell us about your process. Where did you begin?

“First, we discussed the mood we wanted the collection to evoke. Then, we began pulling images for a mood board to keep the aesthetics focused. Once the tone was set, we went through several rounds of sampling to fine-tune small aspects like movement and the exact placement of the pattern for each silhouette. I treat every new pattern as a work of art. A lot of time and attention to detail goes into the whole process—we began working on this in May.” 

This collection expertly mixes metals! Can you share more about the pattern?

"We love playing with metallics in our patterns at Rothy's. To make sure the rose gold and silver looked crisp and bright against the black thread, we experimented with new techniques of knitting our metallic threads. We are so proud of the bold, shimmery result!"

What do you love most about this collection?

“I love that the collection is so joyful and elegant! These shoes are designed to be the part of the outfit you are most excited to put on while you are getting dressed up for a night out. They are the go-to party shoes!”

Think of this as a friendly reminder to get yourself—and your whole list—something chic and shimmery for the season. Discover the collection.

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