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A styling session.

Does it ever feel like you have nothing to wear? We know how it goes—sometimes your closet is full, but your options aren't quite right. We also know everyone has their own unique look, so we asked our fashion blogger friends, Shelcy and Christy, to style two shoes in four different ways. This sister duo is giving us some serious sartorial inspiration. Check it out!

The Merino Chelsea in Espresso styled two ways.
This deep brown merino wool style is sure to warm up any outfit. They’re made from a blend of our signature thread made from repurposed plastic water bottles and premium merino wool. Shelcy proves that matching your shoes to your skirt makes for an instantly polished ensemble.
Or you can mix it up in winter whites and a patterned top like Christy. It’s true, these neutral shoes pair perfectly with any ensemble.

“I wanted to play with proportions for this outfit. The Rothy’s add a casual touch to the girly-chic vibe I’m going for. I’m going to be walking around all day, and these shoes are so comfortable.”

“Today is full of meetings! So I’m keeping it super casual with a cardigan and white pants.”

The Point in Flame styled two ways.
Kick your basics into gear with color. Finishing your look with a pop of bold red is a sure-fire way to bring any outfit together. Just ask Shelcy and Christy who are both crushing it in classic denim and a chic cardigan. After all, great minds think alike!

“Pairing pastels with bright colors is my go-to, so The Point in Flame goes perfectly with my outfit.”

“I love a nice pop of color, and I instantly gravitated toward The Point in Flame. It’s really versatile and goes nicely with my look.”

Head over to our Instagram to view the whole styling takeover.

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