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What’s up with Vote It Back?

At Rothy’s, we love to experiment with color and pattern. And as we grow and evolve our offering, we often retire certain shoes to make room for what’s coming next. This helps us stay true to our sustainability commitments and do our part to reduce overproduction. But sometimes, we really want to be reunited with an old favorite. Or our community asks for kids’ shoes in women’s sizes. So we decided to create a way to deliver these styles to our community through our Vote It Back program. 

What is Vote It Back?

Vote It Back has brought back favorites like The Flat in Charcoal and The Point in Midnight Metallic. It has also revived cult classic patterns like The Point in Inverse Stripe, and created Kids' Shoes in adult sizes. 

Why do we do it?

We love to see which styles get your vote—they’re often our team’s favorites too! This program gives us a chance to gather feedback and learn more about the products you love. Vote It Back allows us to connect directly with our customers (aka you!) on a whole new level. 

How does participation work?

This program is  all about creating a dialogue with our community! So if there’s a shoe you’d like to see make its comeback, please let us know. We will announce our next round of voting soon. In the meantime, shop our current collection here.

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