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We heart SF.

We’re so lucky to call San Francisco the hometown of Rothy’s. From the Bay Bridge to Ocean Beach, our foggy city of love has always been a hub of innovation and inclusiveness. The exciting, revolutionary ideas swirling around this city make for a wonderfully creative environment. In fact, many amazing things were born here, including the iconic rainbow flag—and Rothy’s, of course.

The famous rainbow flag was first created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. Each color was carefully selected to represent a specific idea: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, indigo for harmony and violet for spirit. The flag, and all it stands for, has become synonymous with the city of San Francisco.  

A big group of people holding a large pride flag in downtown San Francisco.

In honor of the city we call home, we created a unique rainbow style with “heart SF” embroidery to signify our love for San Francisco and to celebrate the first anniversary of our Fillmore store. We're proud to wear rainbows year-round, but especially during the month of June as we celebrate our LGBTQ+ community.

Speaking of celebrating, this month we’re thrilled to make a donation to StartOut, a non-profit that connects and educates LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs to empower great leaders and businesses. We are incredibly excited to support this organization and assist in furthering their mission of creating jobs and prosperity for LGBTQ+ individuals in their local communities. We hope you’ll join us in supporting the LGBTQ+ community this month and every month.

An adult's sneaker in white with multicolored stripes, and The Kids Sneaker in White Rainbow, shown on a sidewalk.


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