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In our latest installment of How We Wear It, we’d like you to meet Paige. She’s our fearless producer and product manager who makes sure we’re always on our toes, while also planning a wedding and teaching fitness classes whenever she can. We often say we don’t know how she does it, so we decided to go straight to the source and finally get some answers. So how exactly does she do it? Mostly with the help of her Rothy’s ballet flats.

Paige is Rothy’s go-to problem-solver by day and a spin and Pilates instructor by night. She’s often running to and from the studio to work or to dinner with her fiancé and friends. Even though she may never know where her crazy day is taking her, Paige always remembers to grab her Rothy’s. She puts them on in the morning and wears them straight through the night, occasionally subbing them for spin shoes when she hops on the bike. And when they get a little sweaty from running around, Paige just throws them in the washing machine. She swears by our washable flats so much that she once tried to wash her spin shoes—something she doesn’t recommend trying at home.

Because it’s her job to be much more organized than we are, we know Paige somehow still makes time for fun in her busy schedule. Whenever she’s getting ready for a night on the town, she makes sure to throw on a pair of our bright flats (usually the Red Camo Point) before heading straight to Union Larder for a glass of wine. She and her fiancé then head down to Bellota for their favorite paella and often end up meeting friends for dessert. The best part is that no matter where she’s going or what she’s doing, she never has to take off her Rothy’s.

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