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On the Run with Jamie Grimstad

Awesome Interview with track star Jamie Grimstad from Bandier.

"Bandier: What’s the best way to ease back into running if you’ve taken a break, or best ways to break into running if you’ve never really run before? 

Jamie Grimstad: Every runner, no matter how serious, has to take breaks here and there to rest their body — and, if you’re just starting out, sometimes it’s hard to commit to a structured (and consistent) training plan. Here are a few of my suggestions as to how you can get back into your routine or start off, for that matter. 

1. Find a running buddy | trying to self-motivate can be hard, so find a friend to go on runs with you on the weekends or in the mornings before your packed day. Running with another person is a good way to distract yourself, push yourself, and force yourself to get a good workout in. 

2. Re-vamp your workout wardrobe | I don’t know about you but if I feel good in what I’m wearing to run in, I am that much more confident that I can put in work on the trails or the track. Find a few things that you not only feel confident in — whether it be a printed pair of leggings or cool sportswear — and rock them while you work out. It will definitely make a difference. 

3. Create a pump-up playlist | On my longer runs I always run to music that not only keeps me motivated throughout my run but also keeps me on pace. Create a playlist or listen to 
mine ( to keep you energized during your workout

Bandier: How did you get into running?  

JG: Throughout my childhood, I went through many phases of sports but had always run with my dad here-and-there for fun. For years I danced competitively and always that that was my calling; however, in middle school I picked up golf and was set on playing in college. It was not until I moved to New York going into my freshmen year of high school, however, that I began to run competitively. Going into a new school I thought that going out for the cross-country team would be a great way to not only meet people, but also stay in shape. That was my first year of competitive running — what I now think of as my “trial year.” 

When summer came around I realized how much I loved the sport and began to take it much more seriously and altered my diet, amped up my training, and read as much as I could online and in magazines on how I could get better. Going into my sophomore season, I was an entirely new runner. My times had dropped by over a minute since the previous year and I began to love the sport in a way that I hadn’t before. Since that year, it has become a part of my everyday routine and a means by which I can de-stress, be competitive with myself, and do lots of thinking.  

Bandier: What are some of your favorite pre + post workout stretches?  

JG:  Pre-workout, I always do dynamic stretching (moving stretches) to get my muscles warmed up. I actually just did a post on my normal warm-up routine, which you can find here

Post-workout, I static stretch whatever may be feeling tight or achy. I make sure to stretch out my groin and hip flexers (butterfly stretch is good for this), my hamstrings (touching toes, or sitting down and reaching over your extended leg), my arms (crossing one arm over the other and switching, and my calves (basic calf stretch). If I am still feeling achy after stretching, I will use a roller to roll out my legs  

Bandier: What are some of your favorite track workouts? 

JG: I am a distance girl at heart, so if I could have it my way I would do long-run after long-run day after day. When it comes around to hitting the track, repeats workouts of 400-1600m are always in the mix and can be quite brutal, I must say — but doing them is the only way to get better. 

Because I am often having to do longer interval workouts, the days when I get to do something along the lines of 10 x 200m workouts are my favorites. It’s one of those workouts where you really realize how fast you can run which is an unreal feeling. 

Bandier: Favorite post workout snack? 

JG: After a hard workout, long run, or race, I like to re-hydrate first and foremost, almost drinking water and also drinking my favorite chocolate ZICO coconut water to replenish my body. 

Bandier: Favorite places to run in NYC?  

JG: Central Park, hands down. There’s really nothing like it. Running down 5th avenue in the early morning is a cool experience too — you see the typically crowded street in an entirely new way. 

Bandier: To quote Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming…” do you continue to run outside or transition to indoor workouts? 

JG: There’s nothing more that I love than going on a long run when it is super cold outside — so yes, even when the temperature drastically drops, you’ll still find me hitting the CP trails on the weekends. During the week; however, I transition to indoor workouts — typically intervals and strength training. 

Bandier: Piggy-backing off that, when you’re not running, what are some other workouts you enjoy? 

JG: I think this is a super important questions as people typically assume that the only way to improve as a runner is to just run. Contrary to this belief, it is crucial that you mix up your workouts with forms of cross training and other types of cardio. Last year I got into boxing and fell in love. Taking classes is so much fun and I find that the workout is good for everything that I need. Not to mention, it’s a great way for me to de-stress, be competitive with myself, and have fun at the same time. Shadowbox is my favorite, I think the environment is so motivating and the aesthetic of the gym itself is unlike anything else I have seen studio-wise in NYC. 

Bandier: What are some of your favorite pieces/brands that you enjoy working out in, and pieces that you like mixing and matching with ready-to-wear?  

JG: My style is typically centered on neutral colors — think black, grey, taupe, army green, white and various shades of blue. With that being said, this color palette tends to translate into my activewear looks as well from brands such as Adidas by Stella McCartney , Outdoor Voices , and Michi 

Although I’m a neutral kind of girl, I also love mixing it up with a funky pair of leggings every once and awhile, like a pair from one of my favorite brands Zara Terez

I am a huge fan of transition pieces; therefore, I love finding leggings, sweatshirts, or fun graphic tees that I can layer on going to the gym and also hang out/run errands in after. I’m a die-hard fan of the Shop Private Party collection and think that any of the tees, tanks, or sweatshirts add a little fun into your outfit. 

I love the “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” sweatshirt that I have — I wear it all the time to the gym, to class, and even to just lounge around. 

As for my all time favorite legging, this one’s easy: the Heroin Sport performance legging These are probably the most comfortable things ever. 

Bandier: What’s on your winter wishlist? 

JG:  Here are two looks that I am pretty obsessed with right now. 

The Fernando Technical LS Tee by Varley

The Astrid Compression Leggings by Varley

A Bedford Bra by Phat Buddha

The Melano Jacket by Michi

Kym Noir Leggings by Splits56

The Triumph Bra by Vimmia

Bandier: Who or What motivates you?  

JG: I go through phases where sometimes I doubt myself or have a hard time staying motivated, but I think that is something that we all experience at some point. When this happens, I think about times when I was on track, when I felt the most in shape, or when I was at peace with myself. With that being said, I think my main source of motivation comes from wanting to achieve that sense of self where I am my most happiest — whether it be because I feel fit, I am doing the things I love, or I am surrounding myself with the right people.Once I have a goal in mind, I can stay pretty focused, but the first couple of weeks that I am working to get back on track are always the hardest.  

I also find motivation from certain people that I look up to in all areas of my life, whether it be those I’m very close with — my mom or dad — or even some more public figures like Hannah Bronfman, Anna Wintour, or Vera Wang. I admire all of these people because of the way they carry themselves, the way they stay focused and poised, and the way that they always seem to show their best sides."