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The lovely Ashley and Emily of the blog "Two Peas in a Prada" recently featured Rothy's. We are so excited to share their post below.

If you know me, you know that I love heels. For a pair of flats to make their way into my heart, they need to be good. Like really. really. good.

The flats I have in my closet are what I like to call “pretty flats” – imagine lots of bows and jewels – but none of them are really made for walking. When we initially planned our trip to Italy, I knew I’d be needing a good pair of flats to walk around in, but functional shoes really aren’t my forte. Shortly thereafter, as luck would have it, Rothy’s reached out to us to try their shoes. I immediately said that we’d love to.  I figured that a European vacation – heavy on the walking – would be the perfect test of a “good flat”.

Disclaimer: before the shoes even arrived, we knew we liked the company.

  • San Francisco Start up. Check.
  • Eco Friendly. Check.
  • Socially Responsible. Check.
  • Adorable Branding. Check.

Then we got the shoes… and that is when we fell in love. They really are the dream flat. They come in two different styles, a variety of colors, and they’re just as good for heading to the gym as they are for sailing on Lake Como. <<< I would know… I’ve done both in my Rothy’s.

From the Rothy’s website:

How are Rothy’s Made? 

Rothy’s are the world’s first seamless knit shoes. Rothy’s are knit three dimensionally, heat set, hand assembled and finished with the perfect cushioned insole. Three simple parts. That’s it.

What are they made of?

Every pair of Rothy’s finds new use for approximately 3 discarded plastic bottles. Their yarn is made from certified PET plastic bottles. The US consumes 1,500 water bottles each second, and over 40 billion end up in landfill annually. Rothy’s uses these recycled bottles, stripped of their caps and labels, hot washed, chipped into flake and fused into filament fiber to make their yarn. Their yarn is also treated with a proprietary moisture wicking agent that drives moisture away from your foot.

Are they really recycled? 

Rothy’s are knit using a 100% recycled fiber.

The rubber outsoles are carbon free.

The insole foams are 100% recyclable.

The packaging is recyclable.

The shoes are recyclable at the end of their life. 

I mean – does it get any cooler than that? At first I was worried they wouldn’t be comfortable. Recycled plastic doesn’t sound soft… am I right? But that was just sheer ignorance on my part, and they ended up being the most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn. Even after wearing them all over Europe, I didn’t get one blister. <<< Now that is amazing. 

Check them out >>> here, we hope you love them just as much as we do!

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