While this year is a little different than most, we’re still keeping sustainability top of mind. At Rothy’s, we take a whole brand approach. From how we make our shoes to the way we treat our people, we carefully consider the impact of everything we do. And we’ve been that way since the very beginning. Let’s take a look at where we are, and a look towards where we're heading. Here’s to a happy, healthy planet and future for all.

Better materials. 

We transform unexpected materials (that are often destined for landfills) into beautiful, durable, washable and sustainably made products. 

  • Our signature thread is spun from plastic water bottles, and we use it in all our products. To date, we've repurposed 50+ million bottles!
  • We incorporated ocean-bound marine plastic collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments into our brand new bags. 
  • Algae-based material makes up the strobel board in each and every shoe.

Happening now: 
50,000,000+ single-use water bottles repurposed. 
Looking forward: 
As we continue to innovate, we’re researching ways to reclaim materials by giving them a new life.

Planet-friendly production.

We’re proud to own and operate our sustainable factory in Dongguan, China. The dedication to teamwork and innovation between our design team in San Francisco and our production team in China sets us apart.

  • Our 3D knitting eliminates 30% of waste from ending up on the cutting room floor. 
  • We reduce packaging waste by shipping Rothy’s in their shoe boxes.
  • We offset carbon emissions with our partner CarbonFund.org, who then invests in initiatives like renewable energy and preventing deforestation.

Happening now:
30% of waste eliminated by 3D knitting our products to shape.
Looking forward:
We plan to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to account for energy use at our retail stores and workshop. Additionally, we’re looking at on-site renewable energy at our production workshop in Dongguan, China.

Our community.

We prioritize our community through thoughtful innovation and by listening to their needs. 

  • To assist with COVID-19 relief efforts across the United States, we donated $20,000 to Direct Relief. Plus, our community joined in by contributing $25,000+ alongside our $20,000 donation.
  • We’re working on creating washable, durable, knit-to-shape face masks that will be available soon. 
  • We launched The Open Innovation Coalition with the goal of uniting like-minded brands and sharing resources to better support COVID-19 relief efforts as a collective group.

Happening now:
$20,000 donated to Direct Relief.
Looking forward: 
We're continuing to grow and build The Open Innovation Coalition in an effort to help one million people.

Here’s where you can help. 

  1. Join us by donating to Direct Relief.
  2. Let a teacher know about our discount program.
  3. Learn about 30 small ways to live more sustainably.